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Usage Summary

  1. Unzip installation
  2. Generate new security library by running GenerateNewSecurityLibrary.bat or executing the following command .\SecureMe.exe -generate. Once this is complete you will have a new file named DynGen.dll this is your security file and is responsible for encryption of the user credentials
  3. Create Credential Key File by running the following command .\SecureMe.exe -u <username> -d <domain> -p <password>. A file named Credential.key will be created in the same folder as SecureMe.exe and you will be referencing this file for all commands that you wish to run with these credentials.
  4. Execute a command by running RunAsThisUser.exe -f <Full Path File> -a <arguments> -c <Full path to credential key>

SecureMe.exe Usage

  • -u or -user is for the username
  • -d or -domain is for the users domain. Note: Use a period for local accounts
  • -p or -password is for the users password
  • -g or -generate is for generating the DynGen.dll file
Note: If creating a Credential Key file a username, domain, and password must be given

RunAsThisUser.exe Usage

  • -f or -file is for the file to be executed
  • -a or -arguments is for any arguments that need to be supplied to the file
  • -c or -credential is the path to the Credential Key File


Create Credential Key

.\SecureMe.exe -u Administrator - d . -p Admin!
Creates credential key against the Local Administrator account with password Admin!

Execute Command

.\RunAsThisUser.exe -f C:\Windows\System32\Notepad.exe -a Test.txt -c Credential.key
Executes Notepad.exe with encrypted credentials from Credential.key


  • Each time you regenerate DynGen.dll you will need to create new Credential Keys

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